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Q&A: Jason Richards

486385_10152221129870472_691128070_nIn today’s hot seat we find Jason Richards answering questions about Wrexham Fans FC. You can find him on Twitter HERE



Best Trainer has got to be the skipper DYFAN JONES as he is the leader and doesn’t take no shit off anyone

Worst Trainer is an easy one JACK SCOTT, just because the pure fact he can’t be bothered doing anything in training

Most Skilful is STEVE “The Welsh Pirlo” GARNETT as he puts glue on his boots before every game and it’s hard to get the ball off him

The Joker is probably have to say MYSELF or TEETZ as we just generally mess around during training and in a game to try an make it a bit more fun

Fastest is a tough one but I think CHEZNEY would get the vote, ever since he scored against Chester and ran full on and did a front flip to celebrate

Most Intelligent is a very hard one as we are all not the brightest group but will probably have to say LEE ROBERTS just because he is Valentine’s work boss

Least Intelligent is sorry big man but DAN SEAR has to get the vote as he once tried to withdraw cash from a poster in Chester, safe to say he was rather drunk!!

Worst Dress Sense without a shadow of a doubt is BEN VALENTINE closley followed by AARON JONES as they both turn up is some horrific attire on match day

Worst Taste in Music has to be again BEN VALENTINE, never heard such rubbish in all my life and him trying to rap is ridiculous!!!

Who’s the longest in the shower MYSELF as I generally can’t be bothered to move after a game so just take forever getting ready.


If you have any questions you’d like to ask the next member of the Wrexham side, get in touch¬†here!!


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