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Q&A: Steven Elliot


teetzThis time in the hot seat we have Steven Elliot, or as you and I know him as – Teetz! He both asked the questions – and answered them!

Best trainer

Gonna have to be Dyf the captain, always there when he can be and always gives 100% and great captain.

Worst trainer

Gonna have to be either myself or azzy as whenever we are in training we just piss about and wind everyone up

Most Skilful

Strange choice but for me it’s Dave Jenkins the lad keeps the ball unbelievably close to his feet all the time and pulls off a fancy trick most of the time to beat his opponent

The Joker

Gonna have to go with azz Scott always loves a laugh but is serious when needed!


A lot of different opinions on this one, but I’m gonna go with jack on his day, he’s like a horny Yorkshire terrier when he gets goin

Most intelligent

Tricky one this but for me it’s either dyf or Gaz might suprise you but the little shits a right little brain box

Least intelligent

Doesn’t need an explanation, Azz jones my God! Never seen something like him before haha!

Worst dress sense

The same as everyone else, love ya pal but you were some awful gear, Ben Valentine

Worst music

Probably Benjamin again haha! Sorry pal!

Longest in the shower

Jase although I don’t understand why, dinosaurs live in the wild anyway

The Fighter

Tough one this not many people have a decent go at the opposition so I’m gonna say, Azz Scott purely because he looks like The Hulk

The Scaredy Cat

Gotta be Craig love the lad too bits but will never header the ball!

Worst Boots

Joey them pink things are disgusting

Best Boots

Young Gaz and his copas took me ages to persuade him to get them but he did in the end :)

Worst Celebration

Ben Valentine when he ran towards the corner flag can’t remember the game folks

That’s it folks 😉 hope I’ve not offended anyone x

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